‘Play Your World’ Google Maps Game for Google+ Announced

Google announcedPlay Your World‘ game as a part of pushing internet games to Google+. Play Your World game will be based on the indoor and outdoor maps of its Google Maps service.

Google has released a promotional video for a Google Maps-driven game for Google+ Games. In the video, Google pimps a “Play your world, like never before” slogan and a link to “Start here,” which leads to entertaining demos on how to use Google Maps.

The game comes out next month and appears similar to On the Ball, Marble Madness and Rolling Madness 3D — all games in which a player navigates a ball through courses.

The Maps team developed the game for the Google+ Games platform, which went live Aug. 11. The game runs on WebGL, a technology that creates 3D web graphics viewers can see without installing extra software.

Play Your World with Google Maps


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