Airtel Premium International Toll Free Services (ITFS)

Airtel brings Premium International Toll Free Services (ITFS) which provides dependable access through a free phone number. It helps you extend your business across the world and thrust your business ahead. You are charged in the Indian currency as compared to subscribing to international operators where you pay in expensive foreign currency.

New features on tollfree services

  • Leverage the all new features on airtel Tollfree Services to grow your business by leaps and bounds and leave behind an indelible image as an organization that is always customer first!
  • Intuitive Call treatment which ensures efficient utilization of resources as well as Proficient Load Balancing
  • Robust Disaster Recovery which ensures Minimal Call Loss even in emergencies and reduces end-customer grievances
  • Secure Call Authorization which allows authorized access leading to security both for your customer as well as you

Premium international inbound toll free service

MNCs exploring possibilities in India or an Indian enterprise doing business abroad can both utilize the International Inbound Toll Free Service from airtel to let your overseas callers reach your office anywhere in India. An overseas caller can call your business easily without subscribing to ISD facility and worrying about their phone bills. This service is ideally suited for overseas customers international business partners and your travelling employees to call your office in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

How it benefits you

  • No volume commitment required
  • Call rate and billing in INR
  • Savings on international currency
  • Fair and accurate billing
  • Itemized billing
  • Quality and reliability of service
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Convenience of a single number access from any country
  • Toll-free access to reach India
  • Standard dialing plan
  • Superior voice quality

Premium international outbound toll free service

International Outbound Toll Free Service is a premium service providing your business with fast and most direct means of International free phone calling without having to activate ISD facility.

It enables your business to offer an international toll free number (000800 CCC ABCD) to reach your conference bridges, partners, and offices anywhere in the world. Now you can control the international calling expense and prevent its misuse.

how it benefits you

  • Outbound calls to any part of the world
  • Convenient international conference calls
  • Transfer your existing toll free (ITFS) numbers to airtel
  • Fair and accurate billing
  • Accessible from all airtel mobile and land line phones
  • No volume commitment required
  • Call rate and billing in INR
  • Itemized billing

how it benefits your caller

  • Enhanced voice clarity
  • No time lag during a call
  • No ISD activation required
  • Free phone call to reach the business
  • Standard dialing plan
  • Superior voice quality

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