Pitaschio – Free Tasks Automation Software for Windows

Pitaschio is a free Software for Windows. This can be used for many purposes such as automation of certain tasks. Some of the items that are included in this version include the settings for making changes to Windows settings.

Some examples are:

  • Snapping a window to other windows when moving
  • Minimize a window to system tray
  • Control Volume using mouse wheel

You have several different options when it comes to this particular freeware and they all have to deal with Windows settings. Some of the ideas that come with this particular package include the use of small icons, parent folder by double click and many other features.

You have resize options for windows as well as settings for your mouse and keyboard. It makes your keyboard and mouse much more efficient. Some of your choices will be “Snap” which places windows side by side on the screen instead of overlapping. Placing a window in the screen keeps the screen from moving and also limits your resizing options with this particular window.

Download Pitaschio


  • Snap a window to other windows when moving and resizing
  • Restrict a window position to inside of the screen
  • Always keep a window above all other windows
  • Minimize a window to the system tray
  • Use small icons in the desktop
  • Disable Windows key, Insert key, Alt key etc.
  • [advt]Lock the mouse or keyboard while cleaning them
  • Take statistics about mouse and keyboard
  • Calculate Moon’s age
  • Control the sound volume using the mouse wheel
  • Display the sound volume level on the screen

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