Autotracer – Free Online Raster to Vector Converter

Autotracer is a free online raster to vector converter. You can convert color raster images to vector images online. You can use this Autotracer to convert raster images into vector graphics. This process is called tracing or vectorization. Tracing can be done by hand or you can use a tool which does this cumbersome job automatically. But usually some post-processing is necessary.
Most auto-tracing tools cost a lot of money, if you do not need them regularly this tool is an option.

In a raster image each object is represented by a pattern of dots. Raster images are good for photographs and images with color gradients or subtle shading. Disadvantages of raster images are that they are not resizable without losing quality. Vector graphics can be scaled to any size without any loss in quality. Graphics best suited for the vector format are Logos, page layout, type, line art or illustrations.

How to Convert Raster to Vector Online?

  1. Go to
  2. Upload the raster image that you want to convert to vector. It supports PNG, BMP, JPEG, and GIF format. Max file size can be up to 1 MB.
  3. [advt]Choose the output format of converted file. Autotracer supports converting raster to SVG, EPS, PDF, XFIG, and DXF format.
  4. You can choose some additional options at this point. You can choose the number of colors in output image. Number of colors can range from 2-256. By default, it converts output image to 16 colors. You can also choose line offset, and noise reduction.
  5. Once you are done, just click on Send File button. This will upload that file, and will convert it to your chosen format.
  6. Autotracer will give you a link for converted file, and you can download that file to your PC.

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