PINs – Download Secure Encrypted Password Manager

PINs is a password manager for secure storage of sensitive information such as passwords, accounts, PIN numbers etc. PINs uses 448-bit blowfish encryption to ensure that the information cannot be decrypted/viewed without a master password.

PINs does not require installation and does not need any special dlls, drivers or system files. PINs can run directly from floppy – including data files – without installing anything.┬áPINs is OSI Certified Open Source Software. It is freeware.


  • Secure 448 bit Blowfish encoding.
  • Unlimited number of entries and data files.
  • A powerful random passwords generator.
  • Embedded hyperlinks launching.[advt]
  • A flexible data import/export in text format.
  • Multiple user accounts on a single PC.
  • Accounts sorting using any column as a sort criteria.
  • Compatibility with popular clipboard extenders.
  • Passwords masking.
  • Copy logins and passwords to the Windows clipboard.
  • Find/find next functions.
  • Expired passwords tracking.
  • Running from a floppy without saving settings to registry.

Download PINs

PINs screenshot

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