Photo Coloring Software – Download InstantPhotoColor

InstantPhotoColor is a very basic photo coloring tool which helps converting a black and white or grayscale photo into color one. It can also help in changing some parts of the color photo. This photo coloring software is a user-friendly tool which presents one of the easiest way to colorize photo. There basically is only one tool – a coloring brush. When you paint with this brush, the image underneath is colorized with the specified tint. The lightness of the image is preserved, so shapes and textures on the picture are kept.

Download InstantPhotoColor

This photo coloring software is an easy to use tool, as it includes only a color brush which serves the purpose of coloring pictures. You need to select the color, and adjust the brush size. Moreover you may also zoom in or zoom out your photo for coloring your picture in the best possible way. The best part about this photo coloring software is that it allows you to color the picture in such a way that it looks, as if the colors are original and preserves the image quality, as it was before.


  • Easy to use with just a color brush.[advt]
  • Color brush size is adjustable.
  • Zoom in or Zoom out picture.
  • Simple user-interface.
  • Windows utility software.
  • Separate color panel in which custom colors can be added.

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