Fotografix – Free Graphics Editing Program

Fotografix is a freeware graphics editing program for Microsoft Windows that offers all of the standard editing tools along with support for layers and color channels, clone brush, magic wand tool, layers masks and more. The program also includes a variety of image filters to add effects or sharpen your images.

Advanced users can also automate frequent tasks with custom scripts but this feature is not documented and may become useful in a later version. Fotografix supports some of the more common image formats including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF and some others. Portable software, no installation required.


With Fotografix you can crop and straighten your photos, adjust contrast and sharpness, enhance shadows and highlights to turn a good photo into an excellent one, use layers to combine text, pictures and patterns into exciting designs – editable text layers allow you to modify the text at any time.

The usual editing tools are also provided, like rectangular and elliptical marquees, magic wand, rubber stamp, eyedropper, and gradient tool.


  • Support for a wide range of image formats
  • Layers allow for non-destructive editing
  • Scripts enable automation of frequent tasks

Download Fotografix

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