Convert Plain HTML Files to Website Using WorkplaceX Website Builder

WorkplaceX is a software tool to develop websites. It transforms plain html files  into great websites. Development process of websites is simplified. Pages get automatically enriched by layout and navigation. You can write html, css, asp, php etc files at ease and with great flexibility with this freeware, WorkplaceX. With WorkplaceX you can keep all your website pages up to date without use of content management system and without installation of any additional server. This is a software with so many good features that helps you to make great quality websites.

[advt]WorkplaceX simply converts HTML files into websites and the pages are automatically improved by navigation and layout. This software is very easy to use and not complicated like other free softwares for website designing like Kompozer. Now the main concern is how this freeware, WorkplaceX works. Let us see how it works:

This program works like a compiler. It just reads your files. Now what i mean here is this freeware, WorkplaceX reads all the html content files and integrate it with the main layout page. After this the result is copied into publishing folder where all the files to be published are stored. One good thing about this software is that it does not modify any html files as per its convenience. So you can really rely upon this software for creating eye catching websites.

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There are different folders where these data files after conversion are stored. We have already discussed about the publish folder. Sitemap of the website is stored in file configuration which is an xml file. Another folder named website consists of all the html files including index files, css files, images and many more. Once you are done with the making of website you can easily upload these files to your website with free FTP client.

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