Password Management Tool for Android – Download 1Password

1Password is a password management tool that has been designed to use in Android. If you already have 1Password installed on your PC or Mac, it is likely that you have built up a reasonable sized database of passwords that you use on a regular basis. Install 1Password Reader on your Android and you will be able to synchronies and access this information on your handheld device.

Download 1Password for Android

Unfortunately, the process is entirely one way, so there is no way to edit passwords or create new database entries on your Android. The way the synchronization works through Dropbox means that it is very easy to set up and use, but it is not an ideal app. Any changes you make to passwords on your computer will be reflected on your Android, but it is a shame that this cannot happen in the other direction as well.

[advt]1Password Reader is an interesting and useful stop-gap measure. It is far from perfect and it is lacking many of the features 1Password users will have become used to on other platforms but it will do for now.

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