Panini Indic Keypad IME – Keyboard for Nokia, Android and iPhone

Panini Keypad IME is a multilingual keypad for mobile phones. It supports Indian languages including Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarathi. You can compose and send SMS in these Indic languages and transliterate among them. It also offers SMS compression for the first time in the world increasing the payload of an Indian language SMS  by over 300 percent.

Panini Keypad IME  is developed by Luna Ergonomics. Luna Ergonomics also developed the first dictionary-less statistical predictive texting technology which uses a dynamic allocation of keys and hence does not rely on printed keys on the keypad. This offers the possibility of supporting multiple languages on the same keypad. Also this is single key press typing and it is known as Clever Texting.

It doesn’t need Indic characters printed on your keypad. But the corresponding font must present in your phone to display the characters properly.

To download Panini keypad for Indian Languages, visit the corresponding links below.

Panini Keypad Malayalam IME [advt]

Panini Keypad Bengali IME

Panini Keypad Telugu IME

Panini Keypad Tamil IME

Panini Keypad Kannada IME

Panini Keypad Hindi IME

Panini Keypad Marathi IME

Panini Keypad Punjabi IME

Panini Keypad Gujarathi IME

Panini Keypad Video


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