Bengali Typing on Mobile Phones – Download Panini Keypad Bengali IME

Panini Keypad Bengali IME is a mobile app that allows you to type SMS in Bangali/Bangla very fast and easily by placing the predicted letters right under your thumb. This Input Method Editor allows one to type in Bengali and all other Indian languages on the phone with single keypresses (instead of multitaps) very fast and very conveniently by predicting characters that you are most likely to write next. It can be used in all applications on your phone by selecting it.

This is a new Predictive text based on linguistics and offers many advantages. It doesn’t need Bengali characters printed on your keypad. Bengali font must present in your phone to display the characters properly.

The Panini Keypad runs on Android Devices, iOs devices and almost all Java phones, like NOKIA java phones.

[advt]Download Bengali Panini Keypad for Nokia Phones (Free)

Download Bengali Panini Keypad for Android (Free)

Download Bengali Panini Keypad for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (Paid App, $2.99)


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