Pandamian – Free Tool to Create Ebook

Pandamian is a free tool to create an ebook. Sign-up takes a few seconds, and you’re given your own url address for all your future books. Click on “create a new book” and you’re off. You can easily copy and paste images, and readers can leave moderated comments. They can also subscribe to an RSS feed if they want to be updated on newer chapters. It take care of the technological bits of publishing a book to the web, so writers can focus on what they do best.

Also it’s an online Blogging platforms do a wonderful job of letting you write an online diary. The first step in using the site is to create an account. Next you begin by starting your book. Add chapters by typing up new ones and saving them along the way. Like most blogging platforms, the text editor of the site supports special formatting, images, hyperlinks, and many other features. When you finalize a chapter, you can publish it – chapters can be edited after publishing as well.

Your book is published under a unique URL that you can share with others. Visitors to your book’s pages and chapters can leave their comments. The stats about your books, chapters, and comments appear under your Dashboard.


  • [advt]A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you publish books online.
  • Lets you separately write, edit, and publish each chapter.
  • Book readers can leave comments.
  • Similar tools: WEbook, Moglue and ePubBud.

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