Download Clingle – Social Networking App for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone

Clingle is a social network connecting people with the world around them. It allows you to share interactive videos when you check-in at locations, leave surprises at your favorite places in town (as audio, video, photo) and make your friends unlock it when they come there. Be it finding the nearest dining spot, sharing your moment there eating your favorite dish as a video and sending personalized messages/recommendations about the place (using picture, audio or video) to friends about that spot, it makes your everyday journey more exciting and fun filled. It is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobiles.

Download Clingle for iPhone

Download Clingle for Android

Download Clingle for Blackberry

Clingle makes capturing and sharing your everyday moments a rich multi-media experience. From capturing your check-in moments at various places as a live video, exploring popular places around you, starting conversations or leaving messages for friends at your favorite locations with photo, audio or video Clingle keeps your world engaged like never before.

[advt]And Clingle also comes with some features which are quite original. My favorite is the ability to send geo-reminders to any of your friends. These are reminders that are delivered to your friends when they find themselves in any specific area. These reminders can deal with pretty much anything, as you can remind your friends to call this or that person, or to pick a package up. And since media can be used so extensively, everything’s going to be clear the first time around.

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