Panda SafeCD – Anti-Malware Software that Cleans Operating Systems

Panda SafeCD is anti-malware software that cleans the operating systems. You can use it to remove detect and disinfect malware from a friend’s computer from malicious infections. It is booted from a CD or USB drive. Panda SafeCD can clean the systems infected with malware, that other antivirus are not able to clean. It is compliant with updated signature files.

Panda SafeCD find sinstalled Panda applications with the pav.sig file in order to utilize the most updated signature database. In order for PandaSafeCD to use a more current version of the signature database, the pav.sig file must be in the Panda Security folder. The PandaSafeCD will use the more current version of the pav.sig if it detects it in the ISO. If the computer is severely affected by malware, obtain the signature files that update once a day from Panda.

Download Panda SafeCD


  • Automatically detects and remove malicious software
  • Run the program from CD or USB drive
  • [advt]Compliant with updated signature files
  • Supports thirteen languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Slovak, Russian, Swedish, Brazilian, Basque, Greek, and Polish.
  • Compliant with FAT and NTFS drive

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