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GeeMail is a free desktop client for Gmail. It is an Adobe Air application that you can install in Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then you can access Gmail from this desktop client for Gmail, instead of using the browser version of Gmail. All email client works with Gmail. This is because Gmail provides POP and IMAP support for free (unlike Yahoo, which charges to POP access).  So, if you have any email client like Zimbra Desktop, or any other Outlook alternative installed, you can use that to access Gmail.

Download GeeMail

It is useful if you want to just access Gmail outside the browser, and want a similar interface as Gmail provides. It gives similar interface, as well as supports same keyboard shortcuts. GeeMail is quite easy to setup. Once you have installed the application, just start it, and provide your Gmail username and password. It will access your Gmail, and show you all the email. You can check email, reply to them, categorize them into folders, or anything else just as you would do in the web version of Gmail.

  • [advt]No Configuration Required: GeeMail has everything in place which is required to access your gmail. You don’t need to configure POP and IMAP settings like traditional email clients.
  • Offline Support: Even if you are offline, compose your email, click “Send” and forget about it. GeeMail is network aware; the next time it detects Internet connection, your email is sent right away.
  • Gmail User Interface: You don’t have to get used to a new user interface for GeeMail, because GeeMail supports the good old UI of gmail itself. Things just work the way they do in gmail, right down to the keyboard shortcuts.

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