Otixo – Syncs Files on Different Clouds and FTP Servers

Otixo is a web service that syncs your files on different clouds and FTP servers and lets you access them from a single account. It syncs with Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net, MobileMe and FTP servers. It lets you move files between all supported services, upload new files, download files, delete and rename existing files and folders and create new folders.

[advt]Otixo is a single platform for accessing files across different servers. Start by adding cloud services that you use to Otixo, services can be added after you sign up for an Otixo account or by clicking ‘New Service’. All services are listed in a panel on the left. To view files in another cloud, simply click it and files will be synced. To move files between clouds, select a file, copy or cut it and paste it to another cloud. You can right-click a file and move it between clouds or folders using cut/copy options from the context menu.

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