Oracle Unveils Virtual Desktop Client App for iPad

Oracle LogoOracle has announced Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App for iPad, that enables users secure access to virtual desktops managed by Oracle’s Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This app allows iPad users support through Oracle desktop virtualization, bringing full ‘session mobility’.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App supports enterprise applications, including network-intensive applications and those requiring full desktop browsers.  For example, Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App provides high performance, mobile computing environment for users of Oracle’s Siebel CRM. The app is part of Oracle’s complete desktop-to-datacenter virtualization portfolio that allows customers to virtualize and manage their full software and hardware stack, from applications to disk. [advt]

Delivering highly secure access, the new Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App offers simple, intuitive, and accurate gesture based and multitouch operation with rich virtual keyboard support, including CTRL, ALT, ESC, Insert, Delete, Tab, Home, End, Function, Paging, and cursor keys. The app contains a fast and responsive interface which allows multi-tasking and seamless switching between other iOS apps. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client leverages Oracle’s ALP protocol to provide a high quality user experience. It also includes security features such as VPN functionality and protection over public Wi-Fi connections through 256-bit AES (advanced encryption standard) encryption. It also includes “auto discovery” of Oracle VDI and Sun Ray Software servers. [source]

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