Mobile Money Services using Obopay Application

Obopay LogoObopay is a pioneering service that lets consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and transfer money through any mobile phone using Obopay’s mobile application, text message or phone web browser in real time.

The Obopay Application represents the easiest way to use Obopay. It is fun and simple to use, taking you step-by-step through all your transactions easily. Once signed up for Obopay, you can download the Obopay Application onto your mobile phone absolutely free.

You can use the following features as part of the mobile money services application:

Getting Started 

Mobile money service is the smart, new way to manage your money.

  • To sign up, show any identity card and address proof and fill up a simple form
  • Once you register, you need to activate your account before you can start using mobile money services. After registration, the agent will help install the mobile money services application on your phone
  • On registration, you will receive a welcome SMS, with a temporary PIN. This temporary PIN is valid only for 48 hours. You need to activate mobile money services before this temporary PIN expire
    • Launch the application and accept the EULA (End User License Agreement)
    • Select “New user”
    • Enter your temporary pin, Date of Birth, Mother’s date of Birth
    • Create your Password and new PIN

You can then continue to sign in after entering your new password. After confirming your details, the application will take some time to configure and activate your profile. During this time, the application will show the message “Activating Account. The service will open automatically when ready”. You may close the application and restart it after a few minutes and you should be able to see your application start up. If you still see this message, then please close the application, restart the phone and reopen the application. After full configuration, the application will start up and open up for full use.

Send Money

Through mobile money services you can send money from any mobile phone with the mobile money services applications in India. The money transfer would be instant and is ideal for sending money to family, friends and for gifting purposes. Use the following procedure to send money to any mobile:

  • Login and go to Main Menu > Send Money
  • Select a recipient by choosing one of the options: [advt]
    • Recently Used
    • Search for contacts
    • New Contact

Once you have selected the recipient:

  • Enter the amount you wish to send to the recipient
  • Enter a personalised message if you wish to and click Next
  • Enter the <PIN> for confirmation and press Send

Withdraw Money

Through mobile money services you can withdraw money from any BC Member location. You need to provide the BC Member ID and the amount to withdraw. A notification is sent to the BC Member of the request. The BC member gets a notification of your request and on successful completion; the money is transferred from your account to the BC Member’s account. The BC member will then hand over the cash to you. You will be charged a fee, as applicable, depending on the withdrawal amount.

Use the following procedure to withdraw money:

  • Login and go to Main Menu > Withdraw Money
  • Enter the BC Member ID and click Next
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click Next
  • Enter the mobile <PIN> for confirming the transaction and click Send

Balance & Transaction History

Follow the steps below to check your transaction history:

  • Login and go to Main Menu > Transactions
  • Select Failed/Submitted/Particular date or Today option
  • ‘Failed’ – Transactions that were not processed
  • ‘Submitted’ – Transactions that have been dispatched but not yet processed. Please wait for a few minutes for the request to be processed. In case the status remains ‘Submitted’, you can click on the “Resend” option to resend it

 Change and reset password

Follow the steps below to change your password:

  • Go to Options > Settings and select Change Password
  • Enter Current Password
  • Re-enter New Password
  • Enter PIN to Confirm

Follow the steps below to reset your password:

  • Go to the Login screen, select Options and select Reset Password
  • Enter Your New Password
  • Re-enter New Password
  • Enter PIN to confirm

Invite Friend

Use the following procedure to send an invite to your contacts to register for mobile money services:

  • Login and go to Main Menu > Invite Friend
  • Select Search for contacts and select the contact you want to invite from your contacts list
  • The name and contact number will be displayed. Click Send to invite.

In case of a new contact select Menu > New Contact, enter the mobile number and click Send.

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