OpenTok API – Free Cloud-Based API

The OpenTok API is a free cloud-based API, making it easy to add video chat to your applications without having to worry about infrastructure and scalebuild your app using the simple JavaScript or ActionScript libraries. It developers can capture and play back video chat streams using it new archiving feature. Archives are automatically stored in the cloud and played back at the same quality level as the existing OpenTok API. It is an open, smart, and scalable video platform. It’s designed to become more cost-efficient as more people use it.

The OpenTok API gives developers control over:

SIZE: Make the video streams, bigger, smaller or resizable to fit the roles of your users.

INTERACTION: Design the interaction to connect users as it makes sense to in your app. See what you can create.

[advt]LAYOUT: Arrange the video streams like any other HTML or ActionScript element to suit your use case.

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