OpenShift – Portable Cloud Services

OpenShift, is a portfolio of free, portable cloud services for deploying and managing applications in the cloud. It is a free auto-scaling platform-as-a-service for Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python applications. Currently there are two application deployment services offered as part of OpenShift: Express & Flex.

Express is a free, cloud-based application platform for Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby applications delivered in a shared-hosting model. With just a few commands you’ll be able to deploy your application to the cloud.
Flex is a cloud-based application platform for Java EE and PHP. Flex is an ideal platform for those who require a greater degree of control and choice over their middleware components with valuable features including versioning, monitoring and auto-scaling.


  • Whether you prefer the command line or a browser-based interface, OpenShift provides the fastest and easiest on-ramp to the cloud for free.
  • OpenShift adapts to the varying needs of your app with auto-scaling built-in. No need for complicated scripts or additional coding.
  • OpenShift is based on Open Source with support for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Perl and more.

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