Open Recently Closed Folders and Application – Download Free Undo Close

Undo Close is a software which allows you to open the recently closed folders or applications on your system. This add-on doesn’t do much, but if you use tabs a lot it will make your workflow faster. Undo close folders and applications on your system in a blink just by pressing the hotkey assigned.

Example  if you closed notepad, window media player and internet explorer, simple press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+A three times, you will come across all these three applications again. Hot keys assigned are Ctrl+Shift+F for opening closed folder and Ctrl+Shift+A for opening closed application. You can use these hotkeys multiple times for opening applications or folders that were recently closed.

Free Download Undoclose Software

Features of Undoclose Software

  • Entirely free software.
  • Easy to use with straight forward functionality.[advt]
  • Hotkey functionality.
  • Open closed folders and applications in a blink.
  • Shows recently closed folder path and application path.
  • Make it run on system start-up.