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Tube2Tone is a free online video to ringtone converter. In order to a convert a video into a ringtone, you need to enter the URL of the online video from online video streaming websites like YouTube into the search field present on the website. You can then use the slider to go to the section of the video that you want to convert as ringtone and then hit the Record button to do it.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to Ringtones

In order to convert music present on an online video into a ringtone, you need to search for the video or enter the URL of the video into the field provided on the Tube2Tone website. Play the video and hit the Record button to start recording the ringtone. If the music is present somewhere in the middle of the video, you can use the slider to go to that section and hit the Record button. You can then hit the Stop button to stop recording the video. Next, you need to hit the ‘Create’ button and the website will begin converting videos into ringtone.

The recorded sound clip can be listened and downloaded as ringtone. You can choose three modes of download options such as downloading onto your computer, emailing the sound clip and texting the sound clip to your cell phone. You can also share the ringtone that you have created to your friends on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.


  • Free online converter for converting videos into ringtone.
  • Some ringtones in formats like mp3. iPhone, mmf (helio), aac, wav, 3gp video, and 3g2 video.
  • Download ringtones to your computer, or send via email or SMS it.
  • Share ringtone YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Google Buzz.

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