Browser-Based Wireless Scanner Tool – WiFi Stumbler

The WiFi Stumbler is a browser-based wireless scanner tool that detects 802.11 wireless networks and displays useful information about the networks in an easily searchable, intuitive web interface. WiFi Stumbler can be used to optimize wireless network coverage, troubleshoot performance issues, detect rogue APs and perform basic pre-deployment site surveys.

If the browser supports offline mode (currently only Firefox), then it can load WiFi Stumbler from its offline cache. This means that WiFi Stumbler will work in these browsers even when you are not connected to the Internet, as long as your wireless card is enabled. Simply visit the Stumbler page using Firefox once you are connected to the Internet. The site will ask for permission to use offline storage. Grant this permission, bookmark the page and you can revisit whenever you need to use WiFi Stumbler.

[advt]WiFi Stumbler captures data about nearby wireless networks from your computer’s wireless card and displays it as a web page. By running in a browser, there is no need to download software to your computer. This makes it very easy to load and use since no software installation is required. It also can run on either a PC or Mac.

WiFi Stumbler requires Java support and does not currently support Linux. If your browser does not support Java or you are running Linux and you try to load WiFi Stumbler, you will receive an error message in your browser window.

Currently, Google Chrome for Mac does not support Java so it will not run WiFi Stumbler.


  • Scan the local WiFi environment with rapid search and filtering
  • Identify coverage and performance issues
  • Detect rogue APs, including hidden SSIDs
  • Perform basic site surveys
  • Tune AP placement and channel selection
  • Runs in most web browsers, with no software to download and install
  • Runs offline when not connected to the Internet

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