Communicate on a Local Area Network – Download Tonic Chat Client for LAN

Tonic is a free chat client that has been designed to enable users to communicate on a Local Area Network. This freeware operates in the peer to peer mode and hence it requires no server. The user can communicates with his friends/ colleagues on his LAN network effortlessly, without having to depend on an internet connection with this free LAN chat client.

Tonic automatically searches for the users using Tonic and lists them in your contacts list. The user can change his/her preferences and icons using the menu system. Sending messages is just as easy as using any other communicator software. A double click on the contact opens a new session window and the user is now free to chat. Receiving messages in this free chat client is easy as well. When the chat window is open the received messages get added up to the conversation. When the Window is closed a pop up indicates a message that has been received.

Download Tonic


  • Tonic is incredibly fast over the LAN.
  • With a simple interface it is quick and easy to use.
  • The user can notify other clients that he is away from the system/ Busy / Do not Disturb status message.
  • The user can manage connections with multiple networks, by using the manage connections option. Here the user specifies the IP address of the networks that are to be broadcasted and scanned for communication.
  • A number of preference options to customize and personalize the chat client are available. The user can change his icon, appearance of a message bubble, and other options like sounds, system icons, message fonts etc.,
  • Further, the user can send announcements to other users in the network and get responses to them.
  • A list of smiley options is also available to convey emotions.
  • The user can view the chat history of different conversations made with various friends at different points in time.
  • Changing the user/Contacts name and icon for easier identification is also possible.

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