“Nude It” iPhone App – Strip Your Friends( and Expose True Color)!

Remember, when you were a kid, you have dreamed of owning a spectacle that can show you people around you naked? I had this thought for quite sometime since I studied the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes in school class!

Now the dream comes true, thanks to the iPhone app Nude It, which is available at the iTunes for 99 cents! Nude It has been approved by the apple store, that “shows your friends naked!“.

As stated in their website, Nude It is a fun Augmented Reality application for the iPhone that lets you see through clothes. Simply point your iPhone at a friend (less than 6.5 ft / 2 m from you), and using Nude It scanning technology, you will see him or her in black under dress. You must clearly see your friend’s face on the screen to get good results. When the scanning procedure is finished, you will see a picture of a body wearing the some black underwear, regardless of whom you point your iPhone at. Interesting?

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