nPassword – Password Manager with AES Encryption

nPassword is a password manager that encrypts sensitive information using 256-bit AES. You can define macro sequences to login to websites and fill web forms, or you can enter record information directly using the quick password popup feature. It is safe to use nPassword from your USB drive or memory card.

You can use customizable systemwide keyboard shortcuts, create macros, access your passwords quickly from any program with the QuickPassword popup feature and you can drag your data fields off nPassword into any windows program. It also comes with a built-in password generator with two modes: “speakable” and “secure”. The database can be compressed to save disk space and improve loading time.


  • High level of security through 256bit AES encryption
  • Full featured export / import.[advt]
  • Dragable record fields.
  • System wide hotkey support.
  • Password spy feature to read your old passwords from crappy programs.
  • Password spy protection .
  • Configurable password generator with “speakable” and “secure” modes.
  • Clipboard hook protection.
  • Persistent bookmarks organizer.

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