NotePub Online Notepad – Save, Share, and Search Notes and Emails

NotePub is an online notepad to save, share, and search your notes and emails. NotePub provides real time sharing and searching of notes with read/write permissions set for each note and user. NotePub lets you do most things you could with other types of software such as blogs, wikis, forums, email, chat, and social networks.

With NotePub you can:[advt]

  • Take notes including images, files, links, and tags.
  • Search your notes and emails using tags and keywords.
  • Make your notes public, private, or share with a group.
  • Encrypt private data. Back up and edit offline.
  • Get emails only from people you choose.
  • Send attachments from your mobile to NotePub.


NotePub lets you write public or private notes including your files and images, and lets you control who can view or edit each note. Notes can be tagged and linked. Search results are returned within a second. You notes are accessible everywhere.

NotePub is available as a Chrome Web App in Chrome Web Store.

Install NotePub Web App in your Chrome Browser


  • Groups of users.
  • Upload multiple files and images at a time using a drag and drop interface.
  • Free email address to send notes, pictures and files to/from NotePub.
  • You control who can send emails to your NotePub address, so there is no email spam.
  • Notes including images, files, links, videos, clips from other web sites…
  • You can use HTML and CSS in your notes.
  • Send long multimedia tweets to twitter with on the fly url shortening.
  • NotePub loads faster than Gmail because it is three times smaller.
  • Local encryption and decryption of your notes without ever sending the password over the internet.
  • Real time search and updates.
  • Concurrency checks to avoid the accidental creation of multiple versions of the same document.
  • Back-linking to follow conversations.
  • Links to other notes can be opened without reloading the whole page.

Links can be followed either way because NotePub lets you see the incoming links for each note. Your home page lists all recent notes mentioning your name or any of the names you choose to follow. If someone shares a note with you, it will instantaneously pop up in your home page.

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