Share Images Securely and Discuss Using Marqueed Web App

Marqueed is a free to use, simple Online app that allows users to share & discuss about images in a secure manner. Using Marqueed, you can “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it & keep your discussion organized.

With Marqueed, you could share decoration ideas for your home with a family member or room-mate, collaborate with colleagues on the design of a website, or edit and retouch a photograph with your clients!

[advt]Marqueed offers you the facility to Drag and Drop any image, an auto-copied short URL for you to share in your favorite IM or via email, add highlights or comment on areas of the image that matter and have a conversation right over the image and annotate & comment on screenshots.

Marqueed was a web based app, available as a web site as well as web tool with Chrome Browser. Now its available as an offline app, which can be Downloaded from Chrome Webstore

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