Nokia to Dump Symbian on N-Series and Opts Linux MeeGo Software

From the next N-Series phone onwards, Nokia to use Linux MeeGo software for flagship N-series phones. Nokia to continue using Symbian for cheaper smartphones. Nokia’s next smartphone, Nokia N8, to be released later this year, will be the last N-series phone running Symbian software. From then on it’s MeeGo all the way.

Nokia and Intel Corp in February unveiled plans to create MeeGo, merging Nokia’s Linux Maemo software platform with Intel’s Moblin, which is also based on Linux open-source software.

According to Gartner, in the first quarter the total market share of Linux phones rose to 14 percent from 8.5 percent a year ago.

Nokia bought out other shareholders of Symbian Plc in 2008, and then gave the code to the open source community, hoping to generate wider interest among developers and phone makers to create attractive services and software. But, so far, other phone makers have shown little interest in Symbian. Symbian OS will remain on Nokia’s lower-end devices.

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