Cell Shakti – Mobile VAS for Rural India by IMImobile.com

IMImobile.com announced the launch of “Cell Shakti”, a specialized mobile VAS offering for Rural India. Cell Shakti is a unique product that focuses on the rural segment offering various services to the rural population. Cell Shakti aims at empowering this section of the population with valuable information primarily on IVR based services which include Weather Info, Health Care, Mandi Bhav, Educational Info and Information on Basic Law & Order for the benefit of the rural mass in India. Its an IVR based services in regional languages and can also be customized on demand.

70 percent of India’s population lives in the rural areas and importantly, 64 percent of the nation’s expenditure and 56 percent of its income comes from the villages. India’s rural tele-density currently stands at 13 percent and is expected to grow multi-fold. Cell Shakti helps overcome the information constraints of rural India and strives to contribute towards empowering people with the right tools on the mobile device thus enabling them to make informed decisions.

Airtel Subscribers can call 52345006 to subscribe to Cell Shakti. User can also listen to the live updates in Telugu on their mobile by dialing 52345006. The subscription charges for this service will be INR 1 per day.


Madhavan Iyer, Vice President Managed Services of IMImobile, speaking on the launch of Cell Shakti said, “Through Cell Shakti we plan to inform, empower and help bridge the digital divide in the rural markets. By giving reliable and comprehensive information on mobile on the key aspects of rural life, we aim to improve lifestyle productivity and earnings of the rural people. We strongly believe that with Cell Shakti services, we would be contributing in a small way towards empowerment of the rural population in India. Through our rural initiative we are in the plans to roll-out various other segmented services very soon”

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