Free SMS to Spain

Are you exploring ways to send free text messages for your friend or close relative in Spain? Here we show you how to send a free text message to Spain

Sending free SMS through Chikka Messenger

With the Indiatimes Chikka Messenger version 4, you can send free SMS to spain. For this, you need to install Chikka Messenger version 4 on your PC. You can  download Chikka Messenger version 4 at The site also provides the facility for registering your account, after which you will be given a login id and password which should be used to login to the Chikka Messenger.

In Spain, Chikka Messenger supports the following mobile carriers: Movistar, Orange and Vodafone. Receiving messages is free for the recipient but replying to Chikka messages will cost 0.60 euros.

To know more about how to use Chikka Messenger, you can visit our article Chikka Messenger to send free SMS

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