Cell Phone Alert & Communication Systems for Campuses

Rave Wireless and Mobile Campus, the startup companies in the US specializing in text messaging offers the universities an effective cell phone medium for instant communication and alerts. When Virginia Tech shooting happened, people became more interested in SMS as a way to communicate.

The alert solutions gives the universities the ability to get emergency broadcasting to the entire school or a subset of the school (like students who live on campus), whether it’s about a gas leak or orientation. The system works with all cell phone carriers, email, and web mail. So if the student doesn’t have a cell phone, he can still receive an email alert. Even if the message reaches 40% students, the rest will know pretty quickly simply by word of mouth. These companies also help the schools adapt their communication channels to meet the needs of today’s students, who uses MySpace, Facebook and text messaging than the traditional emails.

While Rave Wireless charges the university and students for their service, Mobile Campus offers free text messaging to university students in exchange for the students agreeing to receive advertisements a couple times a day. The company gives university administrators a web-based interface to communicate with students.

via SecureIDNews

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