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Brief me is your Media and Social News Dashboard. With a topics-oriented approach, Brief me elegantly combines content for any feeds (RSS), private sales & deals, premium media partners, Google Reader content, social networks, twitter keyword searches, local handset alerts (battery, network, sms, call log…) and more importantly an open API to create alerts for any service, in a very fast, easy and elegant user interface.

Brief me add mobile alerts functionality to your site. With Brief me integration, your readers will be instantly notified on their mobile whenever a new article is published. It is available in White Label for handset manufacturers and operators to ensure a branded lifestream experience on Android & HoneyComb handsets.


  • Aggregate all content sources in a unique interface
  • Bring additional traffic to exisiting application (thanks to the application launcher).
  • Open for developers : Developers can very easily develop your own flowgins so that your content appears on Brief me.


  • Instant news, Brief me delivers instantly the latest news with or without notifications.
  • Social client, Brief me also integrates Twitter & Facebook client functions so that you can like, retweet, comment or post without ever leaving Brief me.
  • Content preview, does this mean anything to you? or http://twitpic/7sfj9 ? Neither does it to us, so Brief me automatically expands the links for regular web sites, images and videos. You have now more information to decide to visit the original site, or not.
  • Application launcher, to make sure you take full advantage of the already installed applications, Brief me lets you open the content in the native application you prefer. We support most of the major twitter apps, along with Facebook, Safari and much more. Missing an app? Drop us a line at [email protected].
  • Google Reader Service, recover the flows of your Google Reader account.
  • Rich directory, add content through a rich and elegant directory with premiums sources.
  • White label, brief me is available in white label on Android and HoneyComb.

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