NetworkActiv Web Server for File Sharing

NetworkActiv Web Server is intended primarily for file sharing directly from your computer. Just select the directory you want to share and start the server. It will automatically create an index page that lists all the files that are located in the directory. You can optionally allow the user to sort them dynamically, and also require a password to access the server.

Additional features include support for hosting multiple domains , It comes with built-in support for multiple domain names and visitor statistics collection and visualization, customizable file listing with icons, real-time log display and statistics.  All settings changes take effect in real-time without you needing to restart the server. You can restrict access to the server by only allowing certain IP addresses, and/or by requiring that the visitors enter a password to get in.


  • Very easy to setup ,  and use.[advt]
  • Quick and easy to use Alias system to share your content containing folders, such as your pictures and your music.
  • User-friendly, sortable, colour configurable file listings, so your visitors can see what files you are sharing.
  • Direct Web browser based upload support, so your visitors can send you files directly through your Web site.
  • It can host several domains simultaneously using built-in support.
  • Supports download resume and byte-ranges.
  • CGI support, including PHP and Perl support, so that you can set-up a forum or add other useful things to your Web site.
  • Supports special CGI based tricks.
  • Comprehensive visitor statistics is collected and can be viewed in your Web browser.
  • You can run the program without installing.
  • Can be configured to log requests to a text file,it helps to see who accessed the server and when.

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