Uploading.to – Free File Mirror Solution

Uploading.to is file mirror solution with the most advanced features and latest technology. It’s a free service. You can upload your files to its server and it will be automatically distributed to several file sharing sites. It will save your bandwidth and time. You don’t have to keep your browser open during distribution, but it should be opened during upload. Once you get the download link you can close the browser window, because the distribution process will be performed in the background.

You can upload to your own accounts. Just register to the service and enter your file sharing accounts details. Please note that you have to be logged in while uploading process, your files to be distributed in your accounts.

[advt]It doesn’t have upload size limit but some of the hosting support only up to 400MB. If you register on site and enter your premium accounts, you can upload up to 2GB. You can upload up to 10 Files at time. You can select all mirrors it supported. There is no limitation. After upload to the server is done, there will be shown “copy link” button at the bottom of the page. Just click the button and your link will be copied.

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