Tuitting – Schedule Facebook and Twitter Status Updates

Tuitting is free online service that gives you the possibility to send or Schedule Unlimited Facebook and Twitter Status Updates. You can start automating your Facebook and Twitter Updates. You just need to register your emailID with tuitting and thereafter can simply login. It has a very attractive feature of scheduling your status updates wherein you can enter a time and date when you want the respective update to be posted and save it. It will automatically refresh your instructed status over Facebook or twitter or even on both simultaneously.

Here is how to get started with tuitting:

  • Head over to the website
  • Register yourself for free
  • [advt]Login in simply
  • Start accessing

The best part about tuitting is that you do not need to download any software or app from the internet. You can directly sign in after getting registered and that is it. With tuitting you can add in you Facebook or twitter account or both together. You can share your views and let people know what’s happening in your life.

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