ncid.Net – NCID (Network Caller Id) Client

ncid.Net is an ncid (Network Caller Id) client implementation with .Net Framework on Windows 200, XP, Vista and Windows 7 using Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition. NCID supports messages and the clients can send a one line message to all connected clients. It is Caller ID (CID) distributed over a network to a variety of devices and computers. The ncid developers add the CIDOUT to their protocol definition. A ncid server can send now a list of outgoing calls to a ncid client.

Download ncid.Net


  • SQL Compact Edition database is included
  •  Installation GUI in German and English
  •  Program GUI in German and English
  •  Long time caller list and phone book
  •  Import from Outlook, XML and databases copies
  •  Export to XML, CSV, TXT
  • Interface to lookup inverse phone numbers via internet phone books
  • German manual


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