Bugrocket.com – Free Online Bug Tracker that Manages Bugs

Bugrocket.com is a hassle-free bug tracker that manages their bugs. Flexible organization that makes it easy to treat ‘projects’ and ‘lists’ as basically any hierarchical elements you can think of. Simple access controls for projects, if you need them. The application includes quick ticket filtering tools that lets the user control preferences and filter criteria. The user can filter by list, status, priority level or user.

[advt] Users can attach files and images to their tickets for quick reference to the problem. Every action taken on a ticket is saved in the ticket’s history, which can be accessed later. Along with images, links can also be added to ticket content.

Bugrocket eliminates the unnecessary features, such as a CMS and various customizations so the user is given a lean tool that includes only the functions they absolutely need to manage bug reports.

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