SqlDbAid – Free Tool to Script and Compare Database Items

SqlDbAid is a free application that will enable you to easily script and compare database items. Quickly compare and script SQL database items using this tiny application. SqlDbAid is free for personal and commercial usage. It does not alter directly any SQL object, but use at your own risk and always check the results.

Download SqlDbAid 


  • SQL Server 2005+ support
  • Text search inside code definition with highlitghting
  • DBA reports (missing indexes, missing foreign key indexes, indexes status, top queries, table MBytes)
  • [advt]One file per object or single file scripts (tables, views, triggers, procedures, functions, indexes…)
  • Select, Insert and Update scripts
  • Table data insert script creation
  • Table/View data export
  • Basic database compare via sql script generation

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