mceWeather – Free Media Center Plugin to Display Weather

mceWeather is a free media center plugin, to show the weather on the user’s Microsoft Windows Media Center. The current weather conditions in different locations across the world can be displayed using this tool. Apart from this the user can use this plugin to display a lot more additional information like, weather forecast for the day/ week ahead, humidity and wind levels across different locations etc.

The plugin provides data from all over the world. It shows the forecast for the next days and also shows you a satellite image of your country.

Download mceWeather 

Features of mceWeather:

  • Current weather information is displayed with a number of parameters such as Humidity, Windspeed, Temperature, Pressure, Sunrise and Sunset times.
  • Forecast for the days ahead can be viewed individually. The information is displayed separately for the Day and night.
  • Forecast for the entire week ahead can also be seen, if available.
  • A smooth easy to use interface, thanks to Windows Media center makes this plugin, easy to use. Options to change colors and skin are available as well.
  • [advt]The user can view the weather conditions over a larger area on a map. The map image can be chosen by specifying the url of the satellite image and this application loads this image to show the weather condition across locations.
  • The language of the plugin can also be changed. Options to select from the supported list of languages is available. Also the installation of this plugin can be done in the language of user’s choice.

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