Geotoko – Location-Based Marketing and Analytics Software Platform

geotokoGeotoko is a location-based marketing and analytics software platform for businesses and brands to run real-time location-based marketing campaigns. Businesses can create engaging mobile promotions (check-in deals, flash-mob deals, instant win games, loyalty programs etc) across multiple venues on existing location-based apps or integrate with their own mobile apps using the Geotoko API.

[advt]Geotoko then aggregates in-depth, real-time data across all the geo-social networks to deliver meaningful metrics, actionable insights and present a comprehensive view of real-world consumer behavior. It is easy-to-use campaign wizard and real-time location analytics, then upload and manage thousands of location on one powerful platform.

Geotoko is simple enough for even the least tech-savvy business manager to use, and flexible enough to suit the needs of the most creative marketer or agency


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