BandCentral – Web Tool that Helps Online Manage of Music Bands

BandCentral is a web tool that helps bands to manage themselves online. It manages your Band Calendar, Communication, Gigs, Social Networks, Contacts, Money, Files and Fans. A cloud based platform created to help musicians and their wider professional team (manager, booker, producer etc.) get organized, communicate easily, track all the important stuff and promote effectively.

BandCentral allows you to do everything from one secure space. Using BandCentral will allow you concentrate on what you set out to do in the first place, produce great music and earn the money you rightly deserve.

BandCentral is also great for Band Managers and record labels. By centralizing all aspects of a bands management activity, it encourages greater collaboration between the band, band manager and third parties (such as producers, promoters or roadies) and minimizes the effort required to complete day-to-day admin tasks.

It streamlines the self-management process and removes the headache from everyday communication between band mates, their management, 3rd parties (such as producers/promoters/roadies) and their fans. Being in a band is an experience of its own. The feeling of knowing that you are in a position where you will motivate people by translating your life experiences and your illusions is something peculiar.

It can easily get to your head, too, and that is something you have to handle with care. And, you know, it is all much easier if you get yourself and your band self-organized. This new web-based tool will let you do exactly that. It provides you with a central online HUB for your band, a gig/setlist manager and a band calendar. Moreover, communication between band members is accounted for, and tools for updating Facebook, MySpace and Twitter on the spot are likewise provided.



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