MTNL Delhi Lease Line Internet Port Tariff

MTNL provides a contention ratio of 1:1 for Business Leased line users.

Speed Installation & testing charges Modem cost Final Price (with 2 Mbps price of Rs 3,50,000 as base)
64kbps 10000 5000 27216
128 kbps 10000 5000 45360
256 Kbps 10000 5000 75600
512 kbps 10000 5000 126000
1Mbps 10000 5000 210000
2 Mbps 10000 10000 350000
4 Mbps 10000 OFC eqiup charges as applicable 630000
8 Mbps 10000 OFC eqiup charges as applicable 1134000
10 Mbps 10000 OFC eqiup charges as applicable 1275750

For any other requirement of the Internet Leased Lines, the customer may contact:

O/o AGM(CPSL), Room No. 203, II Floor,
Eastern Court, Janpath, New Delhi. Phone No. 011-23315167.

The other terms and conditions are as follows:

  • All taxes Extra as applicable from time to time.
  • These charges are inclusive of Physical local leased line charges for Delhi,MTNL Area.
  • Registration of the circuit is to be done at single point at the O/o DGM(BD)/AGM(BC).
  • Booking and registration for Asymmetric bandwidth circuit has been stopped.
  • Loyalty discount of 2.5% per annum on this tariff will be given for circuits continued for more than 1 year.
  • Minimum period of hire of Internet Port will be 6 months. The subscriber can pay the tariff on Annual basis or quarterly basis. In case the subscribers wishes to make payment on quarterly basis, Advance tariff for a minimum of 6 months will be charged at the time of applying and the payments for the subsequent quarters will be payable before the start of that quarter (in advance).
  • In case a connection is surrendered or request is made for a downward change in the port speed, the tariff till the end of current quarter (changed in advance) will not be refunded or adjusted.
  • In case of request for upward change of port speed, the quarterly port rental of the higher speed will be charged at the time of such request and the advance rental already paid at the old speed for the remaining period of the quarter will be adjusted.
  • A set of 8 LAN IP and 4 WAN IP addresses will be provided free with the leased line. Additional IP addresses will be charged @ Rs. 8000/- for a block of 8 IP.
  • Modems, if requested by the subscribers, will be provided to subscribers after charging rent and security as per prevailing lease line tariff.

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