Most Users Prefer Opening External Links in New Window

We have conducted a poll using ZoHo Creator
to find whether to Open in New Window or Same Window?.

Here is the result. Out of the 257 votes, 60% prefer opening in a New Window (153 votes). 22% (58 votes) prefer opening in the same window and 18% (46 votes) prefer selecting their own option using the right mouse click. And with FF2 and IE7, many prefer opening in a new Tab than a new browser window.

All external links will continue to open in new window. In the meantime, planning to write a JavaScript include file for handling these options. Will come back soon.


  1. @Chaitanya: I am not sure, run out of options! it could be something specific to your installation or windows or your security policy, I guess. Anyway, enjoy FF2!

  2. hello sree prakash,
    if the target keyword is used in HTML (and not the JavaScript, it won’t be considered pop-up window by IE or FF. am I right? (not sure if there is any security settings for that)
    Thanks for your subscription and the kind words.

  3. Hi Sree

    The setting u suggeste dis also not helping :((

    I have chosen ‘A new tab in teh current window’ option. Even then, there is no change in right-click menu


  4. hi sree ji…

    tho am not technically sound, i also voted for opening in a new window. tks. that has been universally chosen too :)…..Diana

  5. Helo Sree,

    If we use Open in New Window option for links in a page, FireFox and IE will consider it as a Pop-Up and prevent opening the window and a message will be displayed. So I prefer same window and users can always right click and select open in new window/tab option.

    Thanks for all your posts. I am also subscribed for email delivery of your posts and enjoy reading. And I am also from your city (Maruthankuzhy). Best wishes….

  6. you can right click and open any link in new window, right?
    You (or your network admin) may also have disabled tabbed browsing? Check Internet Optiosn -> General ->Tabs Settings.

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