Which is Faster? Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox 2?

I have been using Flock browser for a while. I like it very much. Flock is based on FireFox. I also use Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. I use Windows Vista. Recently I have noticed that many webpages load and layout the page faster in Internet Explorer than in Firefox or Flock. I have not done any scientific testing, but my eyes feel so!

Why would IE load faster? I think because (1) Internet Explorer works well with Windows as it share the core in common. (2) Internet Explorer handles unclosed tags and uses its own intelligence for laying out webpages. (3)I found that IE has taken less memory than FF2 or Flock when loaded 10 tabs.

(I promote FF and Flock than IE, and continue to use Flock.)

How is it for you? Which browser do you prefer for browsing the Internet and why?


  1. I use Flock about 70% of the time, Firefox about 20% and IE about 10%. I only use IE at work, as it is the standard, and so some pages only work in IE.

    Flock on!


  2. IE for work.

    Vanilla Firefox for everything else. Very few plugins like NoScript and VideoDownloader. Have found many addons to be a pain rather than a help, including their adding to load times.

    Safari for feeling superior to other people.

    Gonna try Flock after u said it.

  3. yea, I think having more add-ons and greasemonkey scripts increases the memory usage and load time for FF, right?

  4. Sree ji…

    i feel the difference like using a windows based program and a DOS based program. I prefer FF2…..Diana

  5. I prefer firefox for their add ons (greasemonkey) and others. IE for regional font rendering and work related stuff. Not tried flock. thought every thing is based on Mozilla and would be similar to FF

  6. Hi Sree

    I feel IE7 heavy and prefer FF2.

    Again no scientific study..just my gut feeling.


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