Monitor Your Website’s Performance and Uptime Using Ping Brigade

Ping Brigade is a service that monitor your websites performance and uptime. You can sign up for a monitoring plan, and be alerted the minute your server goes down. You can also use Ping Brigade to see the latency of your site from around the world. It offers an API, which lets you create custom monitoring solutions.

Your website may go up and down without you knowing it up to several times a day. Knowing when this happens, helps you notify your hosting provider and try to resolve the issues. It may also help you identify issues in your site’s setup or web application bugs.

[advt]Ping Brigade is the perfect, all-in-one tool that will help you analyze and monitor performance and uptime of your site. It employs a highly available two-node shared-nothing cluster of web and database servers and a distributed network of independent monitoring nodes to make sure that if some nodes go down, your website will continue being monitored.

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