Monitor and Repair if Your Website Has Been Modified Using Website Cop

Websites Cop is a program that is able to monitor, repair and inform you in real time (by sending an email) if a page or file in your website has been modified. Users with bad intension can infect your webpages with hidden iframes, exploits, javascript evil code and so on…

With Websites Cop, monitored pages and files are immediately and automatically repaired with the original files, if the code of the remote file has been modified and it is different from the originals. It is very important to repair infected web pages as soon as possible to avoid visitors being infected, with this program everything is automatic and you do not have to worry.

Download Website Cop


  • [advt]Automatic repair of modified files
  • Monitor files in your website
  • Notification by Email
  • Settings are saved encrypted
  • Start with Windows
  • Work in background

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