Universal Access to Financial Services through Mobile Phone with IVR

Obopay LogoObopay empowers anyone with universal access to financial services through any mobile phone. You can use obopay, mobile money services, by dialling a number and accessing an IVR:

  • Dial +91-22-39852698 from your mobile handset
  • An automated and Interactive Voice Response IVR system will greet you and present the main menu

Mobile money services do not charge you for making or receiving calls. The mobile service provider might charge you for the call as per your tariff plan.

The IVR system offers the following features:

Change PIN

  • Select this option to change your PIN:
  • Enter your current PIN [advt]
  • Enter your new PIN (twice)
  • On successful completion, you will be taken back to the main menu

Verify Agent

  • elect this option if you want to verify an Agent that you’d like to deposit cash at:
  • Enter the Agent ID
  • You will be read out the Agent’s details such as ID, mobile number, address and current account status (Active/Inactive)
  • You will be taken back to the main menu
  • If the details of the Agent indicate that the Agent is not active, you must discontinue transaction with the Agent


Select this option to check your account balance:

  • Enter your PIN
  • You will be read out your current account balance and then taken back to the main menu


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