MiniMem – Free Memory Management Software for Firefox

MiniMem is free computer memory management software that was originally developed for Firefox. It will reduce the memory footprint for any application. It will run in the background and gives you control fully over applications that you want to optimize.

It remembers the settings that you use and by optimizing your applications, the memory will be better optimized with better page load. You also have the option of memory optimization whenever needed, relevant and required for better system optimization.

Minimem removes only non-necessary memory pages from these programs. It is a non intrusive program and has a GUI that is intuitive and easy to use. It can run applications that have a leaking memory while reducing the footprint of the memory of applications that use a lot of memory.

Download MiniMem 


  • [advt]Run multiple applications on the computer in question
  • Being able to use computers that are not up to date
  • Reduces footprint of the memory in applications that use a lot of memory
  • Runs programs easier that have leaks in memory
  • Gives User control over applications to optimize

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