Twimbow – Organize and Filter your Tweet with Colors

Twimbow is a colorful and innovative social media user to engage their network of friends more effectively, by organizing and enriching their conversations online. Colors make it easier for people to interact with their friends, filter groups of users, catch important tweets among the others, distinguish different type of messages.

Twimbow offers a unique way to highlight your most important messages, introduces the concept of personal buzz for all your interactions with other users and the innovative concept of monitor. Unlike all the other available clients, Twimbow doesn’t use more columns to let you track keywords and users but rather a dashboard from where you can do much more and keep your user interface clean.


  • multi-account support
  • themes / skins
  • color code your tweets and assign labels
  • color code users and filter them in/out
  • see which users belong to a certain colored label
  • share songs with other Twimbow users
  • dark and light skin
  • filters
  • anti-spam: forget those annoying mentions from bots
  • special graphics and music tags (#rainbow, #rainy, #angrybirds)
  • the Reader, to view articles /blog posts without leaving Twimbow
  • save links to Instapaper
  • share pics through Pikchur
  • preview images from Twitpic, Twitter, Plixi, yFrog, Pikchur, PicPlz,, Flickr, Twitvid, Imgur, Camera+, Lockerz
  • preview and play videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Twitvid
  • realtime monitoring of users, lists, keywords and tags through the Monitor
  • share tweets on Facebook, Google Buzz or by Email
  • powerful multi-tabbed profile browser
  • twitter search for tweets and users
  • use your Twitter background
  • Twitter trends
  • scheduled status updates (Twimbow Slots)
  • Klout score
  • selective visual and audio notifications
  • rich tags for events (with maps, photo slideshow and more)
  • incredible speed

Advantages of using  Twimbow:

  • Twimbow is faster: If you are using Twimbow and you used other clients in the past, you can easily confirm this. If you are not using Twimbow yet, you’ll be impressed by its speed. You do things faster on Twimbow. Period.
  • Twimbow is colorful: Forget the b&w experience of other clients. Twimbow enhances your social media experience with lots of colors you can use to make your social life better.
  • Twimbow invents:Twimbow doesn’t copy. We invent new, unique and effective ways to get the most out of Twitter. Forget crowded user interfaces, no other clients/social browsers offer what Twimbow offers. Twimbow is set to create a new way to “consume” social media.
  • Twimbow is portable:If you have a browser, you can use Twimbow
  • Twimbow is, simply, cool

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